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If you are a banker, you should know by now that in today’s banking environment, the landscape is getting more competitive by the day. The development of e-commerce and mobile banking in South East Asia region are accepted and encouraged by bank customers and this has changed how we do business in a day to day basis. It can be understood that from the bank’s point of view that they have to asses the security, ROI and how new technology will impact their overall business. This is where ASEANFIC comes into the picture as we bring you the most experienced people in the business who has changed how banking is done in some countries. These speakers will share with you the experience and challenges that other banks had and how they become successful by embracing change and delivering great customer experience through modern payment solutions, advanced channel mix and commitment to delivering high quality service.

ASEANFIC will also highlight the new trend in this industry, which is mobile banking. Touted as the next game-changer in banking industry, we will show you the latest innovation in mobile banking and how it has help people in emerging market to do business.