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Objective of ASEANFIC

To Delegates

  • Zero Participation Fee
    To all invited delegates. There will be no participation fee apply.
  • Localized Event
    Events will be organised as roadshow model to all capital cities from one edition to another, easier to attend for local participants.
  • Not For Sale
    Highly relevant speaking topic without “selling ingredient” allowed.
  • Suggest What You Want To Listen
    Open to delegate suggestion for future edition speakers or speaking topics.
  • Connect to ASEAN
    Organization will assist some delegates who wish to connect to other delegates from other ASEAN countries without any fee.


To Vendor or Supporting Organization

  • Not For Profit
    No more expensive sponsorship fee but rather sharing the entire event costs with open-book accounting.
  • Highly Targeted Audience
    Targeted small number of highly relevant audience range from 40 to 70 delegates per event.
  • Regional Exposure
    Facilitate effective regional market reach via its regional roadshow model.
  • Suggest The Audience
    Open to vendor suggestion on delegate invitation for future edition.
  • Free Access To Delegates
    Delegates database is open to any vendor or supporting organisation without any fee.